Elucidation of the Active Geosphere. Kyoto University Acvtive Geosphere investigations for the 21st century COE Program


The 2nd KAGI21 International Symposium, Beppu, 2004

November 1-4, 2004
B-Con Plaza, Beppu, Oita, Japan

This International Symposium will discuss and create a new multi-disciplinary approach for the Earth Sciences emphasizing the physical and/or chemical processes that take place within the gActive Geosphereh. The symposium is organized by the 21st Century Centers of Excellence (COE) program in Kyoto University. This is a multi-disciplinary research and educational effort in the Earth Sciences. We are forging new investigations of the lithosphere, oceans, and atmosphere to study the Active Geosphere.

"The Active Geosphere in Convergent Regions"
We will emphasize the various phenomena of water, heat and material circulations and their multi-time scale variations as related to convergent plate boundaries, especially focusing on the variations in the "Active Geosphere" near the subduction zones of the Philippine-Sea Plate.
the KAGI 21 Symposium, Beppu, 2004
c/o Department of Geophysics
Kyoto University,
Kyoto, 606-8502, Japan
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