Elucidation of the Active Geosphere. Kyoto University Acvtive Geosphere investigations for the 21st century COE Program


International Kick-off Symposium for
'Kyoto University Active Geosphere Investigations' (KAGI 21)

Dates :
December 16-17, 2003
Place :
Kyoto International Community House
<2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8536. >
Summary :
 This symposium is part of the kick-off events for our Kyoto University 21 Century Centers of Excellence Program. This multidiscplinary project in the Earth Sciences is called, the "Kyoto University Active Geosphere Investigations (KAGI 21)' and is led by Prof. Shigeo Yoden. For the Symposium, we will be inviting about 10 internationally reknown researchers from various related fields to give invited talks.
More details will be posted later on this page.
Convener :
Prof. James Mori (DPRI/RCEP)
Program :
Program (Word File) (28.2KB) [ revised on December 8th ]
Abstracts :
Abstracts (Word File) (1.8MB) [ revised on December 11th ]
Report :
Report of International Kickoff Simposium [ updated on January 14, 2004 ]
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Participants List of KAGI21 Symposium

Name Country Affiliation
Prof. Mita RAJARAM India Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
Prof. Robert A.VINCENT Australia Adelaide University
Dr. Dadang MIHARDJA Indonesia Department of Geophysics and Meteorology
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Dr. Nanang T. PUSPITO Indonesia Bandung Institute of Technology
Dr. Tri Wahyu HADI Indonesia Bandung Institute of Technology
Dr. Zadrach L. DUPE Indonesia Bandung Institute of Technology
Prof. Michio@HASHIZUME Thailand Chulalongkorn University
Prof. Huang-hsiung HSU Taiwan Department of Atmospheric Sciences
National Taiwan University
Prof. Jiang ZHU China Institute of Atmospheric Physics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Yign NOH Korea Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences,
Yonsei University
Prof. John MATTHEWS UK (Nagoya University, Japan)
Prof. S.George PHILANDER USA Princeton University
Prof. Yi-Ben TSAI Taiwan National Central University, Taiwan
Prof. Shengli MA China NInstitute of Geology China
Seismological Bureau
Dr. Houze XU China Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Jiangu DU China Institute of Geology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
(Kyoto Univ., Beppu)
Prof. Kang-Min YU Korea Dept. of Earth System Sciences
Yonsei University
Prof. Stephen F. COX Australia Research School of Earth Sciences
Australian National University
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travel information for KAGI21 Symposium

♦ Getting to Kyoto from Kansai Airport

The easiest way to get to Kyoto from the Kansai airport is on the JR (Japan Railways) "Haruka" express train that runs between the airport and Kyoto. After you clear immigration and customs, you will come out on the first floor of the terminal. Take the escalators to the second floor and cross over to the train station (~100 m). There are two railway lines here, JR and Nankai. Go to the JR "midori window" which means "green window" to buy your ticket. At least one of the clerks will be able to speak English. The Haruka runs every 30 min and takes 90 min to Kyoto. The price is about 3400 yen. You can pay for your ticket with a credit card. There are reserved and unreserved seats. It is easier to buy a reserved seat and it is only a few hundred yen more. The clerk should tell you which car and which seat is written on your ticket. After you buy your ticket, cross over to the gates and put your ticket in the machine. Make sure to take your ticket again as you pass through. You will need to show it on the train and when you exit at Kyoto. The Haruka leaves from track 4. Kyoto is the last stop, so you don't have to worry about missing the station.

From Kyoto station, it is easiest to take a taxi to your hotel. The cost will be about 1500 yen. The taxi driver can probably understand the English name of the hotel, but to make sure, we suggest you show them the following Japanese. (Include attached graphics of Japanese names and addresses of hotels)

♦ Access to the meeting place

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