Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University

  • Aurora in the Antarctic region (Photo: T. Kazama)

  • Folded layers at Himalaya, Nepal (Photo: K. Sato)

  • Strombolian eruption at Aso volcano (Photo: T. Ohkura)

  • Geological fieldwork in Antarctica (Photo: T. Kawakami)

  • Preparation for CTD installation (Photo: Y. Yoshikawa)

  • Seismic waves propagating on the Earth (Image: M. Yamada)

  • Magnetic survey in Ethiopia (Photo: R. Yoshimura)

  • Olivine: from macro to nano (Photo: A. Takigawa and A. Miyake)

  • Shiraito Falls at Asama Volcano (Photo: T. Kazama)

  • Cloud distribution around Japan (Photo: T. Kazama)

  • Unique research strategies by Geotectonics Group (Photos: T. Tagami et al.)

  • Gravity measurement in Antarctica (Photo: T. Kazama)

  • X-ray image of CAIs and Isotope microscope (Photos: Y. Higashi et al.)



We created the official Twitter account. We'll tweet the information associated with our division, such as research results, events, and exams. Please follow @kyotoeps if you have your own Twitter account.


Kyoto University invites applications for a visiting Professor or Associate Professor in volcanology, geothermal sciences and related disciplines. The application deadline is March 1, 2017, and please read the detail in the web page below if you are interested in this invitation.

Grad school

We created an English web page about scholarships which are offered to graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Please read this page if you plan to study/research Earth and planetary sciences in our division.


The workshop "Properties of active fault damage zones and fault dating" will be held on 4-6 July. Please contact Prof. Horst Zwingmann [zwingmann.horst.4a@kyoto-u.ac.jp] if you would like to attend the workshop.


We have renewed the website of Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences!

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