Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University



The Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences aims at exposing as many people as possible to the geosciences by hosting various events. (Please note that the pages with the sign [JP] are written in Japanese.)

Calendar [JP]

Our online calendar lets you to view upcoming events.

Wegener Festival [JP]

This is an "open laboratory" event held in early June each year, in which we introduce various topics in Earth and planetary sciences research. This event is primarily targeted at first- and second-year students considering joining our department, but we also encourage the general public to hear our lectures and see what we are studying.

Open Campus [JP]

This campus-wide event is held in early August each year, and is aimed at high-school students. Advance registration is required to attend information sessions held by each department.

Gaia Festival [JP]

This is an experiential and demonstration event conducted by students in the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences as part of Kyoto University's annual "November Festival." This event is open to both prospective students and the general public.

Events related to graduate school admissions

Each year we host graduate admissions consultations in February?March, entrance exam guidance sessions in May?June, and entrance exams for our master's degree program in August. Please see the Graduate school page for details.


  • Junior campus [JP] : This is an event for junior high school students held in September each year, in which we present lectures related to the Earth and planetary sciences.
  • KU Weeks [JP] : These are annual general admission events held in October and November at various Kyoto University extensions.