Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University


For Students and Faculty

We will continue to provide the latest information related to the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences on this website. If you are a current faculty member or student in the department with information related to the following topics, please contact a Department Website Workgroup member. (Please note that the pages with the sign [JP] are written in Japanese.)


We welcome information for our Developments in the Earth and Planetary Sciences [JP] page, Introduction to the Earth and Planetary Sciences [JP] page, and Awards and Major Articles [JP] page. You can show your research results as slide photographs on the Home page.

Our department

For new and departing faculty, please contact us with information so that we can update our Faculty [JP] page. We also welcome comments from graduate students and graduates from our various laboratories for inclusion on the Our Students and Graduates [JP] page.


Please inform us if you are considering or planning any department-related events so that we can include them on our Event Calendar [JP] . We also request information related to needed updates regarding Research Areas [JP] , 3rd-year Student Laboratories [JP] , and 4th-year Student Seminars [JP].