Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University


For Prospective Graduate Students

We in the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences spend our days learning about the mysteries of the Earth and other planets. We hope that you will consider joining us at the leading edge of this field as part of our master's or doctoral degree programs.

Below are some pages of particular interest to those considering progressing to graduate studies in this field. Please note that the pages with the sign [JP] are written in Japanese.


On our Developments in the Earth and Planetary Sciences [JP] page, you can learn about some of the most recent research going on in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. You can learn about some of our domestic and international academic achievements on our frequently updated Awards and Major Articles [JP] page.

Our department

This page introduces you to faculty and organizations in the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Please refer to this page when considering which laboratory you wish to join and potential advisors. Please also keep an eye on the Our Students and Graduates [JP] and Career Information [JP] pages for updated information.

Graduate school

This page has information related to Master's Program Admissions [JP] and Doctoral Program Admissions [JP] . See our Event Calendar [JP] for dates of admissions counseling sessions. You can read about tuition waivers and scholarships on our Financial Aid page.