Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University


For Younger Students and the General Public

We in the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences spend our days learning about the mysteries of the Earth and other planets. On this website, we hope to introduce you to some of our latest discoveries, and present topics from the Earth and planetary sciences in a way that's easy to understand, even if you have no training in this field. Below are links to some related pages. Please note that the pages with the sign [JP] are written in Japanese.


If you do not have much knowledge of the Earth and planetary sciences, please take a look at our Introduction to the Earth and Planetary Sciences [JP] page for some introductory information. If you are interested in the latest results from our research, please see our New Developments in the Earth and Planetary Sciences [JP] page. We will continue to update these pages with recent news.


To spread information about the Earth and planetary sciences as widely as possible, our department hosts regular events like our Open Campus [JP] for high-school students and the Gaia Festival [JP] for the general public. For the dates of these and other events, please see the notifications on our Home page or our Event Calendar [JP] , which are updated regularly.

Undergraduate school

Please visit this page if you are interested in entering Kyoto University or studying the Earth and planetary sciences here. On that page, you can also learn more about open lectures related to the Earth and planetary sciences. For more information about Kyoto University's entrance examination, please see the Undergraduate Admissions page on the main Kyoto University web site.